Flower Pot Drainage Trays (Front)
Flower Pot Drainage Trays (Front)

Flower Pot Drainage Trays (Back)
Flower Pot Drainage Trays (Back)

3D Bottom Plant Saucer Stacked on Top Pl
3D Bottom Plant Saucer Stacked on Top Pl

Flower Pot Drainage Trays (Front)
Flower Pot Drainage Trays (Front)



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The Smart Plant Tray

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True indoor and outdoor plant drainage.

The "Smart Plant Tray" is the best plant drain tray for protecting your decks and porches

from waste-water runoff. It works great indoors and helps to keep plants healthy.

Benefits of our smart gardening solution include:

  • True plant drainage - no water backup! Remove salts and mineral waste away from your plant’s root system.

  • Root rot prevention - keep your plant out of waste-water that causes root rot!

  • Oxygen - the perforated top drain tray allows for constant air-flow, delivering necessary oxygen to your plant's root system. Keeping your plant healthier, and further helping prevent root rot.

  • Directional runoff drainage - runoff water drains away to desired location. Protecting your decks, porches, and patios.

  • Easy balcony plant drainage - no more water stains, splashing puddles, or dripping water down onto your neighbors.

  • Drain to waste - the plant tray's drainage system can be used to drain one plant or multiple plants.

  • Recycle runoff water - catch the plant runoff water in a bucket and reuse for suitable plants.

  • Two piece design - the top drain tray fits into the bottom plant saucer. This two piece design makes cleaning your saucer a breeze!

  • Stackable - Smart Plant Trays can easily be stored by simply stacking them and putting them away.

The top drain tray is perforated for the best plant drainage.

It also provides constant airflow, delivering oxygen to your plant's roots.

The added airflow keeps your plant's roots healthy, and helps prevent root rot.

Top Plant Tray (Bottom) Prototype
Top Plant Tray (Top) Prototype

The top drain tray also features angled leg supports that are perforated for runoff drainage. They sit snug on the bottom plant saucer's floor.

The top drain tray also has a fitment notch in its rim for easy alignment with the bottom plant saucer.

The bottom plant saucer has an angled floor for the best runoff drainage.

Bottom Plant Saucer Prototype Top
Bottom Plant Saucer Prototype Front

The 3/4" barbed drainage spout allows for drain to waste or easy tube connection.

The bottom plant saucer also has a fitment notch in its rim for easy alignment.


Simply line up the notches and set the top drain tray inside the bottom plant saucer.

Smart Plant Tray Assembly

The Smart Plant Tray

Smart Plant Tray Prototype Side

Keep your decks, porches, and patios dry with the Smart Plant Tray!
Whether you are a plant enthusiast who loves leisure, or a hardcore green thumb…
Smart gardening, just got smarter!

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